Individual lessons

    Feel free to make your own choice with whom you want to have an individual session. Improve your performance optimally with the instructor of your choice.
    Beginner 30.00
    For beginners and hobby oboists with Alexandra Hajdu. 45 min. 
    Intermediate 50.00
    For pre-college students, students with subsidiary subject oboe and students of instrument teaching with Alexandra Hajdu. 60 min. 
    Professional 130.00
    For students or professionals who want to develop their playing or who want to work on a specific musical piece. We have specialists for oboe, cor anglais, contemporary music and historical instruments. 60 min. 


    Individual coaching for all those, who want to be free of performance anxiety in their music-making. The coaching supports you in expanding your relaxation and performance skills as well as in optimising your posture and movement patterns –to bring your full potential to fruition. It includes the opportunity of video analyses.
    Coaching 130.00


    Personal guidance in reed making for all those who want to start with reed making, or want to improve this craft. Or those who want to overcome their problems in reed making. We will support you with a lot of pdf based learning material.
    Reedmaking 100.00
    With Alexandra Hajdu. 


    Choose different instructors for different instrumental lessons and mix them up as you like. Enjoy the care of your personalised sessions and instructors. Send your teacher a video of your playing to participate in a video analysis.
    Basic 360.00
    2x instrumental lessons, 1x coaching 
    Advanced 575.00
    3x instrumental lessons, 1x coaching, 1x video analysis with coach 
    Premium 880.00
    4x instrumental lessons, 2x coaching, 1x video analysis with instrumental teacher, 1x video analysis with coach